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Is this one of PERUBATAN's program?
Yes, of course. It is the first program PERUBATAN ever held during summer holiday in Malaysia.

What kind of program is it?
It is 50% of recreational activities and the other half are about sharing and discussion.

Why is it being organized?
It is held for many reasons as stated in the program's objectives program. The most important are to optimize our time during this summer vacation and to strengthen the bond of brotherhood between members of PERUBATAN.

Is it a typical program held by PERUBATAN?
No it isn't. Because it is the first program in Malaysia and being held in a recreational park or camp.

Where does it will be held?
It will be held at Nur Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Langat, Selangor.

When it will be held?
It will be during this summer holiday on 6th of July until 8th of July 2010.

How the tentative?
Briefly, it will begin at 2.30 pm on 6th of July until 1.00 pm of 8th of July.

We still have lectures and exams! How we can join this program?
You must be some students from Alexandria University or the Fifth Year and Sixth Year of other Universities. We are really sorry but because we are near to Ramadhan, we does not have any other suitable date.

Why it is always held at West Coast of Malaysia? Why not just held it once more at East Coast?
We think this is the first time PERUBATAN hold a program in Malaysia. InshaAllah there will be one if the AJKs are organized and confirmed.

What are the benefits we can get from this program?
Since it is one of the continuation or progression of The 3rd PERUBATAN's Seminar, we can discuss many things regarding the reality of medical life and other medical issues. Moreover, this program also serving you the outdoor activities that will relax our mind for a little after exam's cramps.

What are the topics will be discussed?
They are more about sharing the real life as a medical officer and the reality of medical field in Malaysia. Among the interesting topics is Medical Crisis : Career VS Family.

Who are the speakers of the talks?
There will be the experienced lectures and doctors (and maybe specialists) of medicine. We have invited certain doctors from CyberJaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) to give the talks.

How to register?
There are two ways to register either online or SMS registration. Please refer registration page for more information.

When will the registration closed?
It will be on 19th of July as stated on the sidebar. Hurry up!

How to confirm our submission being received by the registration squad?
Depends on what kind of registration you use. If online registration sent, you will get e-mail verification. Besides, you will received a SMS reply if you submit via text message to the hotlines.

Is the program restricted for medical students only?
No, it is opened for all members of PERUBATAN regardless their courses (including pharmacy and dentistry students.)

Are the participants limited?
Yes, it is limited to certain number of participants that have not been decided yet since it depends on the conditions.

How to change or correct any details once we have registered?
Do send us before the closing date of registration to this email : iwanhorse_lucia[at]yahoo[dot]com or reactive_na[at]yahoo[dot]com OR to our hotline numbers as stated in the sidebars.

Is it open for all students from every Muhafazah in Egypt?
Yes, of course.

Can students of Islamic Studies join this program?
No, this program is specifically for medical students since the topics will be discussed are around medical issues even you may interested in them. Moreover, we are considering PERUBATAN's members first since it is the very first program.

How I know I am accepted to be the participant?
There will be the participant's list announcement after the registration closed.

How much is the fees?
It is RM160 including t-shirt and certificate.

When we need to pay the registration fee?
The participants need to pay the fees after the list of participants are announced.

How to pay the fees?
By bank in the fees to an account number that will be informed later.

I am accepted to be the participant but I have problem to pay the fees before the dateline. What to do?
Just e-mail us your problem to the above address. Any other way is not acceptable and you will be rejected if you fail to settle the fees. 

Can we use our own transportation?
Of course. We will provide you the plan of the location soon, InshaAllah.

Are the transportation available for those who cannot reach there?
Yes, the transportation is from a certain location (meeting point) to Nur Lembah Pangsun's camp.

Are there chalet or tent during the stay?
There will be chalet for all participants. 

What I need to bring to this program?
All equipment will be informed after the participant's list have been announced.

There are so many people giving speculations and external information not stated in this blog. How did they got them and should I believe them?
Did you read the shoutbox alone? Any further and confirmed information is only from the posts. Please read them carefully. Other external infos might be true and we are not responsible for the risks resulting from these kind of informations.

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