Transportation to Nur Lembah Pangsun

About the transportation.

All the participant that need transportation will go to Nur Lembah Pangsun (NLP) by bus.
The participants need to take the bus from the UPM mosque (Masjid UPM).

How to go to UPM mosque?

1) Participants that outside Selangor and come to Selangor by bus. You can ride the bus from station near your house to the Hentian Serdang in Selangor. Then, from Hentian Serdang, you can take a taxi to the UPM mosque. The cost from Hentian Serdang to UPM mosque is about RM5.00. If you lucky, there will be someone from our adhock team assigned there to fetch you to UPM mosque.

2) Participants that inside Selangor or Kuala Lumpur can take Star or Putra LRT from any station to KL Central or stations that allow you to transit to Comuter (KTM). Then, take comuter and go to the Serdang Station. If you go by comuter from the beginning you can directly go to the Serdang station. From Serdang Station, you can take taxi and go to the UPM mosque. The charge is about RM10.00. If you lucky, there will be someone from our adhock team assigned there to fetch you to UPM mosque.

3) Participants that go by car can use the north-south highway. After that, exit at Serdang toll booth. After exit the toll booth, you will find the traffic light, then go straight under the flyover. Then, turn left when you see the path to the left. Go staight, you will see the UPM mosque on your right.

The bus will waits you at the UPM mosque on Friday [6th of August 2010] from the Jumaat's prayer till 2.30pm

For more details about the map of UPM mosque, please visit this website.

UPM Mosque Map

The Finalized Name Have Been Released

To check your name please click the link below!

About the Payment

How and where to pay

The fees is RM160.00

The payment need to be done via bank in to our account:

Maybank : Nur Shairah Mohd Shaari
Account number : 1622 1844 5442

To all the participants of YAHOO! At Pangsun, please notice that the payment can be done from now on until 26th of July 2010.
To any participant that have problem to pay using this kind of method, do not worry, please inform us through email. Maybe we can arrange other methods for the payment.
We remind you again to pay before 27th of July 2010.

Our emails:
Muhammad Ridzuan B Mohd Nor

Nurulhusna Bt Ahmad Sani

Here some important notices.
1) The participants that had paid via banking to our account, please keep the payment slip.
2) After you banking the money please inform our organizer via two ways:-
a) By email to Nur Shairah Bt Mohd Shaari at her email
"shai_2312@hotmail .com"
b) or by text her a message that you had done the payment to her number
3) Please bring your payment slip during the registration at Pangsun.
4) Item no. 2 is very important because we want to make sure that your money has been received.

If you have any problem do not hesitate to contact us using our email or by our hotline number.

Muhammad Ridzuan B Mohd Nor

Registration Closed

To all the member of PERUBATAN medical students the registration of YAHOO! At Pangsun will be close sharply at 12.00 pm on 19th of July 2010.

Thank you to all the members that register to enter YAHOO! At Pangsun. Your name will be appear inside this blog Insha Allah on 21th of July 2010.

To all the members that do not have chance to register your name. But you really want to enter this program. You can send your details to our email

Muhammad Ridzuan B Mohd Nor
Nurulhusna Bt Ahmad Sani

The details need to be include are:
3)Current Telephone No.
4)Adress in Malaysia
5)Year of study and University

Do not worry, we will consider your request.

How to Pay the Fees

To all participants,

Payment via bank in to:

Maybank : Nur Shairah Mohd Shaari
Account number : 1622 1844 5442

Please note that only the participants who their names are listed can make the payment. The name will be listed Insha Allah after 19th July 2010. Participants will have a week to settle the payment.

Don't forget to keep the bank slip as proof of payment during registration at the program.

If any confirmed participants has problem to pay the fees via bank in, do contact us using our hotline numbers or email to us. Any failure of payment, the participation will be discarded.

Our hotline numbers

Our email
Muhammad Ridzuan B Mohd Nor

Nurulhusna Bt Ahmad Sani

Program Tentative

Friday, 6th August, 2010

2.30 pm :Registration

5.00 pm :'Asr Prayer

5.30 pm :Opening Ceremony, Briefing and Ice Breaking

6.45 pm :Self-serving & Maghrib Prayer

8.00 pm :Dinner & Isya' Prayer

9.00 pm :Slot 1 - Student Activism: What's Next

11.00 pm :Supper

11.15 pm :Ihya' Al-Qur'an

12.00 pm :Bedtime

Saturday, 7th August, 2010

5.00 am :Qiamullail, Fajr Prayer and Reminder

7.00 am :Exercise

8.00 am :Breakfast & Self-serving

8.45 am :Slot 2 - Future Landscape of Medical Services in Malaysia

10.15 am :Recess & Snacks

10.30 am :Slot 3 - Medical Crisis: Career VS Family

11.45 am :Group Workout

12.30 pm :Zuhr Prayer & Lunch

2.00 pm :Slot 4 - Together We Dream A Super Doctor's Dream

3.30 pm :Medical Heroes Workshop: Basic Life Support

5.00 pm :'Asr Prayer

5.30 pm :Xplorace

6.45 pm :Self-serving & Maghrib Prayer

8.00 pm :Dinner & Isya' Prayer

9.00 pm :Slot 5 - Leadership in Medicine

11.00 pm :Supper

11.15 pm :Ihya' Al-Qur'an

12.00 pm :Bedtime

Sunday, 8th August, 2010

5.00 am :Qiamullail, Fajr Prayer and Reminder

6.45 am :Breakfast

7.15 am :Jungle Trekking

10.30 am :Special Motivational Talk

11.45 am :Closing Ceremony

12.30 pm :Self-serving & Packing

1.00 pm :Disperse

Registration is Now Open!!

The participants can now register their names to join YAHOO! At Pangsun

The fees are RM160.00

The registration can be done by using two ways.
Either by using online registration or by using SMS registration

For online registration please visit our registration page.

For SMS registration, you can send your details to our hotline number.

[NAME], [Year of Study], [University], [State in Malaysia]
eg: MUHAMMAD HAFIZ bin MANSOR, 2nd Year, Zagazig University, Selangor

Send to:

Enjoy your summer at
YAHOO! @ Pangsun !

Topics of Discussion

Student Activism: What's Next

Future Landscape of Medical Services in Malaysia
are we prepared to face the Vision 2020 in term of medical personnel?

Medical Crisis: Career VS Family
sharing and learning from the experienced doctors make the lives even better

Together We Dream A Super Doctor's Dream
dream to be one and make the dream real

Leadership In Medicine
yes! we not need a title to be a leader. everyone can!

Medical Heroes Workshop : Basic Life Support

Director's Speech

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Summer holiday is the best time for Medical students in Egypt to relax and at the same time benefit theirselves & the community. No lectures, no assignments, no nothing. 3 months of leisure time is more than enough to be either wasted or filled with beneficial activities.

Being in Malaysia is the best chance to optimize the opportunity to share experiences & vision with great Malaysian doctors. More over, during the academic period, students in Egypt are relatively restricted to conduct many enjoyable & great activities by geographical barrier & differences in University schedule.

With that reasons, PERUBATAN as an association of Malaysian Medical-based students in Egypt is taking an initiative to organizing the first ever summer camp in Malaysia, entitled “Yielding Medical Heroes” (YAHOO! At Pangsun).

With the theme “Potentiate Your Wisdom, Elevate Your Competence”, the programme is best planned, possessed the modules and slots which will bring you the recent and relevent medical issues. “YAHOO! At Pangsun” Camp, as well, presenting you the presenters and facilitators which consist of experienced doctors in Malaysia. With some adjuvants in form of outdoor activities, it should be considered to challenge you mentally, physically and spiritually.

So let us build a vision towards being a great & competent doctor and at the same time, active in the community work (activism). "YAHOO! At Pangsun” as first time to be held, is a kick off from PERUBATAN to organize a beneficial programme in Malaysia and hopefully it would be an initiator to PERUBATAN and its members to organize and participate more community-based activities in the future, insha Allah.

As 'YAHOO' as it sounds, "YAHOO! At Pangsun" offers you experiences nothing others could offer. Come on, join us & be with us there!!


Ahmad Ibrahim B Yahaya
YAHOO! At Pangsun

Program Objectives

Our Aims for Organizing YAHOO! At Pangsun

Optimizing the opportunity to be with the experienced doctors and specialist for the members of PERUBATAN who stay in Malaysia during this summer break.

Nurturing the attitude of highly competent future doctors and instilling the spirit of activism among participants.

Optimizing summer break to build and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between different members of PERUBATAN from other Muhafazahs.

As a progression of The 3rd PERUBATAN Seminar: Professionalism’s Resolution.

Providing the participants with recreational activities during summer break.

YAHOO! Registration

YAHOO! At Pangsun

How to register ?

Both types of registration will be available starting on 13th of July 2010

There are two ways to register:

Via online registration form
We prefer this kind of registration because it is the easiest method for the applicants to fill their personal details online. The registration is limited, so be the first one who register!

(An e-mail will be sent for verification.)

Via SMS registration
Two hotline numbers will be available for SMS registration (booking type) also on 13th of July. One for the applicants that still in Egypt and the other for the applicants in Malaysia. First text, first serve!

(A text reply will be sent for verification.)

All applicants can choose either one of the above methods, but the online registration is compulsory for every applicants who register via SMS. Applicants who use the SMS method will be considered the early one, even they do not yet fill the online registration form.

Any problem regarding both registration, do comment to us. InshaAllah we will do our best.


1)Talks from the experienced doctors.
2)Outdoor activities.
3)Practical medicine.
4)Special motivation talks by the great doctors.

YAHOO! at Pangsun

Coming Soon !!
The First Ever PERUBATAN Summer Camp

YAHOO! At Pangsun
Yielding Medical Heroes

Date :
6, 7, 8 August 2010

Venue :
Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Park,
Hulu Langat, Selangor

Theme :
"Potentiate Your Wisdom, Elevate Your Competence

This summer holiday, PERUBATAN will organizing a summer camp
to all the Malaysian Medical Students in Egypt.

YAHOO! at Pangsun will be a fantastic summer camp.
So, wait for our next post, we will inform you about:

1) When to register ?
2) How to register ?
3) What are the activities and many more.

So, Don't Miss It!