Summercamp Memories - part 2

Sorry for the delay. Hope you guys still interested with those pictures. (^.^)y

Generally, this was what happen during the first day of Summercamp Yahoo@Pangsun.

Gathering at UPM mosque before Friday prayer and moved to Nur Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Langat with a bus and 4 cars.

*** The Arrival ***

Welcome to Nur Lembah Pangsun Eco Resort!

Registration and fees payment session

welcome speech by director, Mr Ahmad Ibrahim

some discipline and protocol guidance by Mr Saifuddin

Mr Zul. he is in charge with accomodation

Mr Helmi giving talk regarding the activities

ta3aruf session with committee members

*** Ice-breaking session ***

All participants was divided into a small groups consists of 7 - 8 members. Then, they need to pick up one of their team members and ask whatever question they want to ask him/her before they were given a paper full of questions that they need to answer about the particular person that have been choosen. Team members have to answer those question regarding to the 'interview' that have been made before. At the end of the session, the team who managed to have a higher number of similar answer with their team member is considered as winner.

The objective of this activities is to build ukhuwwah and comradeship among the team members.

The winner

*** IQ Test ***

wanna try? challenge yourself!

during tea time


*** Group Discussion ***

Group discussion being held after maghrib. The discussion was about social issues among Malaysian teenagers nowadays. All groups been given 45 minutes to discuss about baby dumping before resolution speech is delivered at the end of the discussion.

*** Medical Heroes Workshop ***
Disaster Response Medicine (Lecture & Demonstration)
A/Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ikram bin Md. Salleh

A/Prof. Dr. Mohd Radhi Ahmad

Basically, this session tought about disaster medicine and how we as a medical personnel to respond and react effectively during nature disaster or accident in the limited time and space.

It began with a lecture by A/Prof. Dr. Ikram about disaster medicine and how to react & respond, triage, how to create an adhoc team to manage casualties in the hot (danger) zone, the right way to communicate between commanders during disasters and etc. Followed by simulation of basic life support by him and A/Prof. Dr. Radhi.

Basic life support including how to carry casualties from the danger zone by different methods, immobilization, the right techniques during handling casualties and so on.

The objectives are, to exposed participants on what to do, when to react, who is the person in charge, where to build a field (temporary) hospital at the disaster area, how to determined triage on casualties, and last but not least, to prepare as many as medical personnel during disasters in order to minimized the number of casualties.

A/Prof. Dr. Ikram in actions

-During the lecture-

-During the simulation-

participants learn how to use the walkie-talkie

different methods to carry casualties

A/Prof. Dr. Radhi in actions

End of part 2

To be continued...

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