Summercamp Memories - part 1

The idea of Summercamp Yahoo@Pangsun came when a young man named Ahmad Ibrahim sees the Seminar PERUBATAN that was held during last winter break must have its continuation in order to produce more medical heroes among medical graduate from Egypt. As the project begins, Ahmad Ibrahim optimist that this first time ever PERUBATAN held Summercamp Yahoo@Pangsun will become true as it got so many positive respond from PERUBATAN High Committee members.

Now,let the pictures do the talking

Ahmad Ibrahim
Director of Summercamp Yahoo@Pangsun

During discussion with Nur Lembah Pangsun camp management
with Kak Ida (coordinator)
[2 days before the programme]


During last committe members briefing at Masjid UPM
[few hours before the programme]

to be continued..

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